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Select your meal Experience, with traditional dishes, daily fresh fish and Ligurian specialties, the Chef’s Dessert Menu, a wine selection for refined palates or invent your own aperitif, light dinner with an aperitif and Friday tasting menu with us.

The restaurant inside the Art Hotel Garden, 120 seats in 3 air conditioned, modular rooms with two large windows facing the garden, is open for lunch and dinner for hotel guests as well as external guests, small groups and banquets, even wedding receptions, baptisms, first communions and special events.

Enjoy our cuisine every day in a gallery of contemporary art that is embellished by a Yamaha grand piano or in the garden and near the pool, in bright areas that are protected from the summer sun.

Art Hotel Garden – Restaurant MenuArt Hotel Garden – Restaurant MenuArt Hotel Garden – Ligurian products
Art Hotel Garden – Restaurant MenuArt Hotel Garden – Restaurant MenuArt Hotel Garden – Restaurant Menu

Ligurian Restaurant, Traditional Cuisine

We have created a unique gastronomic experience for your vacation in Liguria, with dishes using meat from locally raised animals and special dishes with freshly-caught fish, such as our local octopus, small squid, calamari, sea bream, swordfish, tuna, shrimp, slipper lobster, tub gurnard, mussels, clams, and anchovies.

Our first courses with pesto are not to be missed. Taste the dishes created with a selection of in-season products obtained with a short delivery chain from local producers, and especially fruit and vegetables (apricots, peaches, sour black cherries, citrus – such as chinotto (bitter orange), which is typical of Savona—pears, artichokes, courgettes, summer squash, asparagus and other vegetables) or from Piedmont—for example for strawberries—or from Italian producers.

In our kitchen, we prepare our own focaccia that has a crispy and salty crust enclosing a soft and delicious interior. Taste our dishes that are flavoured with basil, marjoram, oregano and thyme, local olives and extra virgin olive oil add flavour to our dishes.

Pairings with Ligurian wines, such as the typical Pigato, which leaves a characteristic spicy and tart note on your palate, the white Vermentino and Rossese, a light and fruity red wine, will complete your dinner experience.

We celebrate our territory with the Friday tasting menu, with different topics, but with the mood of the sea and seasonal products and dishes (appetizer, first and second course with dessert). Price Euro 29, drinks and coffee not included.

Cuisine with the Aromas of San Remo

Attentive to breads and desserts, we take care of every detail, presenting different types of traditional pastries and deserts. The typical Ligurian focaccia as well as the Recco focaccia, made with cheese, are always present, as well as pizza and bread, alternating surprising sweet and salty variants.

It is important to respect the seasons, cooking with what nature offers during the various periods of the year in order to offer a genuine cuisine that satisfies your desire for delicious food and refined food pairings.

During the winter period, dive into our traditional dishes: such as Genoese minestrone (vegetable soup with beans and pasta) made using an ancient Ligurian recipe passed down from our grandparents. We always offer tempting and delicious dishes that are classical recipes from the Savona area.

We cannot leave out dishes such as classic focaccia, focaccia with potatoes or mini focaccias with pesto and olives. In conclusion, we offer Fritters, called Frisceu, which are made with flour, water, yeast and marjoram.